The Secret To Chronic Pain Relief

Discover Simple Secrets to Relieve Pain from Head to Toes

  • Do you hurt from the time your feet hit the floor in the morning?
  • Wonder why you have these headaches everyday?
  • Does that miserable neck ache keep you from turning your head, so you can see what's behind you when you're driving? 
  • Do you do therapy for your back muscle pain, only to have it return the next day?
  • Are you one of the thousands that are desperate for sciatica pain relief?
  • How about foot pain relief?
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Did you know sleeping on your back could cause you to have headaches everyday?  You'll discover the remedy for this, plus the answers to your pain from head to toe!

I'm April Adams, a licensed massage therapist and instructor.

I've spent 15 years working with people who suffer from all types of discomforts.  After seeing the delight on their faces when they started using my sleeping techniques, I knew I had to make it available to the public everywhere.

There had to be a missing link...

I learned early in my career that the way the body was positioned throughout the night, played a major role in chronic pain management.  It makes total sense to anyone with a basic knowledge of how the body works.

Obviously, this can be the missing link that keeps people from getting long term relief from their agony.

My clients saw a tremendous difference in their pain levels when they followed my protocol for sleeping at night.  In most cases, these levels had decreased by the next morning.

 "Pain From Head To Toe" isn't full of scientific logic that takes hours, if not days to muddle through.

Instead, it's full of illustrations and directions on how to get the ease from your pain during your sleep.  Simple, easy to follow and extremely effective.

For only $8.99, you'll get the same powerhouse of information that has dramatically reduced the pain of others, overnight.

You Won't Find Another Book Like this Anywhere

In this book you'll get:

  • Headache causes and headache relief
  • Neck ache relief 
  • Shoulder pain help
  • Relief for back pain
  • Sciatica pain relief
  • Help for hip pain
  • Foot pain relief
  • Chronic pain relief for the whole body

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