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Looking for good-old-fashioned home remedies like your grandma used?

Hot and cold compresses, soups, teas, liniments, herbal and essential oil remedies?

You know - the things that kept people healthy and in good spirits a hundred years ago?

Well, I have those, plus some not-so-old ideas that will make you wonder why you didn't think of that!

When's the last time you slept like a log? 
natural sleep remedies help you sleep soundly without the side effects of over the counter sleep aids.

Old home remedies are treasures passed from generation to generation.  In our house, they're a way of life.  Instead of doctor visits, we use herbs, oils, supplements and other natural remedies.

These constipation remedies can be the most valuable thing in your medicine cabinet. 
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Most moms get nervous over fever in childrenFind out the 3 magic words pediatricians are taught to say that can send mothers into a panic and straight to the doctor's office...

I never dreamed a black widow would be hiding under the strap of my flip flop!  My black widow spider bite research showed that anti venom is rarely given, so I didn't waste any time...

I'm a conservative at heart, so doing things myself comes naturally. Take a peek at some of the handy things that save me time and a lot of money on this DIY page .

How We Lost the Art of Using
Home Remedies

Did you know that doctors used herbs, water (hydrotherapy) and essential oils to cure people until the mid 1900s?


Pharmaceutical companies started supporting medical schools in the U.S.  Along with that support came financial aid for students, which earned drug companies some seats on the board of directors at these schools.

This gave them the power to change the curriculum.  Instead of teaching doctors how to cure with herbs, the curriculum now taught how to prescribe drugs. 

Along with increased drug prescribing has come addiction, death and life changing tragedies.  People are now returning to their roots and searching for those old home remedies that healed the body naturally.

The Miracle of Using Water

Sister Elizabeth Kenny, an Australian nurse, used water therapy along with massage to actually cure children of polio during the epidemic.  This was highly disputed by medical doctors, but the proof was in the pudding.

While Australia and most of Europe turned their noses up at Sister Kenny's techniques, the United States embraced her wisdom.  The Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute was opened in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1942 and is still active today.

From Rags to Riches Using Water

Water made a huge mark in medical history in the 1800's when an Austrian farm boy named Vincent Priessnitz saw incredible cures happen to his own body.  He got his fingers mangled in some farm equipment and his neighbor showed him how use cold water home remedies to treat the injury.  After repeated cold water treatments, his fingers were restored to normal.

Later in his life, he was involved in an accident with a horse and wagon.  His ribs were crushed and the doctor told him he would be crippled for life.

Priessnitz refused to believe this and developed a water cure that completely restored his health.

Essential Oils... Oooh, La, La!

Essential Oil uses are countless and have been used since the beginning of time.  These make up the majority of my home remedy medicine cabinet.  Nothing is more simple than grabbing an oil and rubbing a few drops on for quick relief of just about any problem you can think of. 

Oils can work better than the medications your doctor prescribes.  Plus...they don't have those harmful side effects.

This are an especially great option for people who don't like to swallow pills.  Did you know that you can put a few drops of an essential oil on the bottom of your feet and have them absorb into EVERY cell in your body within 30 seconds and start to relieve symptoms within 20 minutes?

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