Essential Oil Uses

For Treatment and Prevention of Illness

As a massage therapist and an instructor, I've taught aromatherapy classes, but we never taught with oils that showed any great promise. 

Then, I was introduced to some essential oils that were different from any I'd ever experienced.

Their amazing properties

  • antibacterial
  • antiparasitical
  • antiseptic
  • antispasmodics
  • antiviral
  • antifungal 
  • anti-infectious
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antimicorobial
  • antioxidants

Just a few of the zillion essential oil uses

I knew I was onto something brilliant with my first sniff...

When I opened my first bottle of DoTerra Peppermint, my senses jumped up and took notice.  No wonder there are over 100 benefits of Peppermint. The amazing aroma seemed to envelope me completely.  I've never experienced any essential oils that are so full of life!

And the oil blends...OOOOOO LA LA....

Oh my, I never knew I could crave aromas!  My day starts with an oil blend called "Balance".  Mmmmm... This oil has a woodsy smell and is good for making things right in your life.

I follow it with another blend named "Citrus Bliss."  Wow! This stuff is absolutely decadent!  Not only does it smell great, but it's properties are both calming and uplifting.

In fact, it's so yummy that a lot of people add it to their smoothies! A perfect way to start the day...

What makes DoTerra different?

It's all in the processing.  DoTerra's distillation process is slow and doesn't include and "hurry up and do the job" chemicals. Their oils are classified as  Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG), because of the precision used in their distilling process. 

If using an oil from a company that doesn't produce CPTG oils, you can be putting harmful chemicals and additives into your body.

The maximum essential oil benefits are seen in the CPTG oils.  Oils that aren't distilled properly don't work properly.  They may have a good smell and sometimes do what they're supposed to, but just like everything else in get what you pay for.

With Doterra, you're going to be amazed.  Every time.

Now I know the reason I never saw good results from any of the oils I had used in the classroom was simply because they weren't pure.  What a tremendous difference there is when you use a CPTG oil!  Lesser quality oils can also cause allergic reactions, and shouldn't be taken internally. 

It only takes one whiff to fall in love!

DoTerra oils can be used topically, diffused or some can even be taken internally.

I have been "wowed" over and over again

Essential oil use is becoming the most popular treatment for the following:

  • Natural allergy remedies
  • Nasal congestion
  • Coughs
  • Cuts, scrapes, blisters and burns
  • Sinus infection home remedies
  • Restless leg home remedy
  • Depression natural remedies

But this is just the tip of the iceberg!  Scientific research is continually showing positive results when using oils with serious diseases.  The National Institutes of Health has countless cases documented of using them in cancer treatments.

Even animals!

We use essential oils for home remedies for dogs and horses.

They get oils for everything from breathing problems to flea control.

Even the "Dog Whisperer" uses Doterra oils!

DoTerra oils are safe to use aromatically, topically and even internally.

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