Home Remedies For Dogs

Most of these home remedies for dogs involves the use of essential oils.  Animals respond very well to oils, plus they're safer and less expensive than pet medication.

Home remedy for fleas

There's not many things more miserable than seeing a dog with fleas.
We live in the woods, so sometimes fleas can be a problem at our house.  Since we don't use harmful chemicals, I discovered a few natural flea remedies that have worked very well.

Fleas can carry tapeworm to dogs, so dogs with fleas are at risk.

A while back, I had a couple and their dog stay with me for a few days.  When they left, I found fleas in the bedroom.  Yuk....

Having fleas in the house has got to be one of the most aggravating things of all time! 

  • I used Borax.  This can be found on the detergent aisle at your grocery store.
  • I poked holes in the lid of a jar and fill it with Borax.
  • Before bed, I sprinkled all floors and furniture.
  • The next morning, I vacuumed up the Borax.
  • Then, I took the vacuum outside and put the bag into a plastic garbage bag.  This ensures that any surviving fleas can't get out.
  • Changing bags can be expensive, but it's better than having the fleas continue to terrorize your home.
  • I repeated this, daily, until all the fleas were gone.

I also made my own flea trap as one of my natural flea remedies.  This worked great, and I was able to tell if I had gotten rid of all the fleas.

  • Put a little water and a few drops of liquid soap in a WHITE bowl and put on the floor where the infestation is.
  • Place a light over the bowl.  One that will only shine down into the water.
  • The white will attract the fleas.  They will jump in and drown in the soapy water.
  • This needs to be repeated nightly for a few weeks.  Fleas lay eggs that may not be hatched for a few weeks.  You want to make sure you get all the fleas.

The flea trap.  Just a piano lamp and the white lid from a plastic container.

Next morning's results.

Home Remedies for Dogs:  Flea Control

doTERRA Lemongrass Essential Oil 15 ml

Note:  If your dog has white fur, this might turn it a little yellow, but he'll smell great!

In the morning:

1 Tablespoon olive oil or fractionated coconut oil
2 drops Lemongrass

I rub this on my dog, starting at his neck and working my way down his body, including his legs.  Fleas hate Lemongrass!

Natural Flea Bath:

Add 2 drops Lemongrass and 2 drops Eucalyptus to shampoo.  Make sure you shampoo neck first.  This keeps the fleas from running to Fido's head.

NOTE:  These natural flea remedies work best if started at the first sighting of fleas on your dog.

doTERRA TerraShield 15 ml

Animals have a unique sense of smell, so do not get essential oils close to their noses or eyes.  It might smell good to you, but can cause irritation to them.

Even though home remedies for dogs are safe, you want Fido to enjoy them, too.

Home Remedies for Dogs: 
Heartworm Preventative

Mosquito carry the heartworm larvae and can infect your dog with just one bite. Keeping these little bloodsuckers away is an important preventitive.

TerraShield - 2 drops behind the neck.  1 drop on the bottom of the paw.  I try to get it in between the toes or pads, but sometimes I'm lucky to just get it on his feet!

We also mix 20 drops of TerraShield in 2 ounces of water and spray it on as a mosquito repellent.  It's a great blend of essential oils that insects don't like.

  • Putting a few drops of Ginger in your dog's water dish will replace the harmful heartworm medication the vets give them.
  • DigestZen is a natural anti parasitic.  Rubbing a drop in the bottom of the paws and a drop on your dog's tummy will help eliminate worms.
  • Adding a drop of Lemon to the water helps kill not only worms, but aids in dog skin conditions. I use this super-duper natural wormer for both my dog and my horse.

Dog Ear Mites

This is one of the easiest of my home remedies for dogs!  Max loves Melaleuca ("tea tree"). For his ear mites, I simply put 1 drop in my palm, rub my hands together, then rub his ears.

The head shaking starts to decrease almost immediately.  After a few more applications...bye bye dog ear mite!

doTERRA Melaleuca 15 ml

Dog Stomach Problems

doTerra DigestZen Essential Oil Blend 15 ml

Max occasionally has an upset stomach.  Probably because he eats little forms of wildlife that I don't know about!

I simply rub a few drops of DigestZen on his tummy.  It doesn't take long for him to be back at his feeding dish.

Hip Dysplasia

  • 2 drops Frankincense
  • 2 drops Deep Blue
  • 4 drops White Fir
  • 4 drops Geranium

Make sure you part the hair to get this directly on the skin.  Massage into the joint.  Do this in the morning and evening. 

You should start seeing great results within 1 to 2 months.  Be patient.  The dysplasia didn't happen overnight...

Super simple dog ear infection fix:

doTERRA Purify Essential Oil Blend 15 ml
doTERRA Lavender 15 ml
  • Place a few drops of Purify oil on a cottonball.
  • Apply in and around the ear.
  • After Purify, I rub Lavender between my palms and rub Max's ears.  The Purify kills the infection.  Lavender does, too, but the Lavender soothes the pain.

Dogs that get nervous/anxious

doTERRA Serenity 15 ml

Serenity is a soothing blend of essential oils.  The Dog Whisperer uses is it to calm his dogs.  A drop to the back of the neck or to the paws works wonders.

This is great for dogs that are anxious about going to the vet or the groomer.

Also works great for dogs that suffer from "thunder anxiety".

For Max, I use it when he has those "hyper" times and can't settle down.  It doesn't take the life out of him, it just soothes the excess energy.

Dog "Itchy Skin"

My mom's rat terrier had an itchy skin rash forever.  Mom tried all kinds of over the counter things.  They temporarily eased the itching, but didn't get rid of it.

The poor dog would rub his back under chairs until he had rubbed the hair off and made the skin raw. Mom started using a few drops of Lemongrass and Melaleuca with a few drops of olive oil.  She applied it to his back twice a day.

Within a few weeks, the skin had healed and hair was growing back.  Simply amazing!


I love Max, but I hate shedding season!  It seems like all I do is vacuum and sweep.

I found this great Furminator, that actually gets more hair off Max than anything else I've ever tried.  It's so easy to use and you can see how great it works.

This is how much hair came off with just one pass on his back.  This baby goes under the coat and gets all that loose hair that doesn't come out in the bath.  This is the best home remedy for dogs that shed!

Max loves his Furminator!

FURminator Long Hair deShedding Tool for Dogs, Large (101008)

During shedding season, I use this on Max once or twice a day.  Love, love, love this thing!

FURminator Vacuum Accessory (103004)

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