Home Remedies For Anxiety

Stay Calm, Naturally

Using home remedies for anxiety can be a little tricky, since this disorder can happen on different levels. 

For severe cases of anxiety, medical intervention should be sought out before seeking your own natural cures.

Why?  In extreme cases of anxiety, the chemicals in the brain can be out of balance, so a medical professional can help to target and treat this problem. 

After that, using alternative medicine for anxiety can be a great option.

NOTE:  Always discuss this with your physician, because prescription medications and natural remedies can work against each other. 

Aromatherapy for Anxiety

Using aromatherapy for anxiety is the most effective natural remedy. This involves using herbs and essential oils.  Essential oils are more than 50% stronger than herbs, so I like using those from the start.  Plus, they're a lot easier to use than herbs.

DoTerra manufactures the best essential oils available.  Their distillation method ensures that you're getting 100% pure, natural oil.  Other companies might try to hurry up the distillation process by using additives and harmful chemicals.

This process makes an oil less effective and can be harmful.

When using the aromatherapy for anxiety issues, you want to make sure you have a Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) of oil.  This ensures that you're going to have the highest quality of oil possible.

DoTerra oils are the only ones to carry that stamp. They may cost a little more than over the counter oils, but you definitely get what you pay for!

Below, you're going to find 5 different methods for using essential oils.  These have been proven to be effective for anxiety, plus many more health problems.

When using aromatherapy for anxiety, you have a few different ways that you can use the essential oils.  Rubbing them into certain areas of your body, inhaling them, diffusing or even taking them by mouth.

Home Remedies for Anxiety:
Topical Application of Essential Oils

The bottom of the feet have over 7,000 nerve endings in them.  This makes the feet a great target to apply oils to.  They're also a very porous part of the body, so oils penetrate into the system quickly.

I use 2 drops of oil and rub on the bottom of my feet, my wrists, behind my ears, on the back of my neck (base of the skull), chest, over my heart or sometimes on my back.  Even though the feet are a great entry way for the oils, the other places work nicely, too.  I love to have my oils close enough to my nose, so that I can smell the aroma well.

Home Remedies for Anxiety:
Inhaling Essential Oils

After I apply my oils to my skin, I rub my hands together and inhale for a minute or so.  This enables the oil to get into the limbic system of the brain. 

The limbic system helps control breathing, stress levels, hormone balance, heart rate, memory and blood pressure.  Amazing things happen to the body when essential oils are inhaled.

Home Remedies for Anxiety:

Diffusing is probably the best way to use essential oils.  I find that it's more economical, because I don't use as much oil, plus the oils are inhaled and absorbed at the same time.

There are different types of diffusers that you can use, but a cool mist is recommended.  Warm mist diffusers can damage the properties of the oils and make them less effective.

You also don't want to use one of those cute little candle light diffusers.  This heat causes the oil to evaporate to quickly and the
properties are in even more danger of being destroyed.  They look
nice, but aren't effective as far a therapeutic value goes.

A good diffuser will distribute gazillions of molecules throughout the air.  These oils molecules are absorbed by the body, wherever they land, plus they're inhaled.  And...YUM...they smell so good!

We use diffusers in every bedroom at night.  This helps with calming nerves, sleep and breathing.

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