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Searching for Natural Remedies for Anxiety? I Found the Best!

Contributed by April A., Ball, LA, on June 9, 2013

There's nothing like being jerked out of sleep by a horrible sense of panic.  This is what would happen to me when I was experiencing anxiety attack symptoms. I would go to bed, read, say my prayers and drift off.  Then, BAM!  I would sit up, wide awake and in fear!

Sometimes, it was so bad, that I would have to turn the light on and  go sit in the living room for a while.

This was driving me crazy!  I was tired, crabby and couldn't think straight.  It reached the point that the fatigue was even driving me to tears.

I did all the calming things recommended as natural remedies for anxiety:  warm bath, no excitement in the evenings, no caffeine or sugar...and it STILL happened to me!  I actually started to dread going to sleep.

Then I Found Balance - Literally 

Balance is an essential oil blend that was specifically formulated for anxiety, nervousness and ADD/ADHD.  This was me in a nutshell!

I started using it twice a day.  2 drops in the morning and 3 drops at bedtime.  These little drops of oil have changed my life. 

I've never been a morning person...always a little grumpy when my feet first hit the floor.  Sometimes, the grumpiness can turn into moodiness, which doesn't win me any popularity contests. 

Now, I just reach for my bottle of Balance and in a few minutes, everything's changed.  It's amazing!

This is How I Use It

  1. I simply put 2 drops in my left palm.
  2. With my right hand, I rub a little on the back of my neck on the base of my skull. 
  3. Then, still using my right hand, I rub the rest over my heart.
  4. After that, I cup my hands over my face and inhale for a minute or so.  This has a profound effect on my body.

At night, I either repeat that process, plus put a drop on the bottom of my feet.  Or, I put 3 drops in a diffuser in my bedroom.  My diffuser can be set to run through the night, so I'm able to constantly inhale the oil.

If I'm having a really stressful day, I just put a few drops on the back of my neck, inhale and keep going.

This has an almost immediate calming effect for me. It's kind of like melting...all my tension and worries just kind of slip out of me.

How does inhaling the oil work?

When you smell the fragrance, the molecules travel up the nose, where the nerves pick them up.  They quickly are sent to the limbic system, which controls stress levels, hormone balance, memory, blood pressure, heart rate and breathing. 
The brain's response is to release the hormones and neurochemicals that can correct the body's emotional issues.  This is especially helpful for anxiety attack symptoms.

Essential oils have been known through the ages as having powerful healing properties. 

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  • Spruce (calming, helps you to focus)

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