Alternative Pain Relief Remedies

What Options Besides Prescriptions and Over-the-Counter Medications?

Every day more people are seeking alternative pain relief remedies.

The increase in valid research on this topic has the public in a state of alarm over the effects of "traditional" medicine.

There is too much damage caused by both prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications.

A massage therapist I know has had hundreds of clients who were mortified at the amount of medications their doctors were prescribing. 

Not only were they given pain meds, but also something for sleep, depression and anxiety. 

Sometimes, seeking out natural remedies is a better, safer way to go.

Alternative Pain Relief Remedies for
Lower Back Pain

Low back pain accounts for about 75% of chronic pain reported.

We've become a society who stays in a seated position way too long or we use our bodies improperly to lift things. 

This can lead to chronic low back pain unless posture is corrected.

Sometimes, people don't suffer from an injury, so they have a hard time figuring out what's causing their discomfort.

Use this process of elimination to see if you can get to the problem:

  1. Do you sit a lot?  If so, how are your legs positioned?  Do you cross them?  Yes?  Well, that's a no-no.  Crossing your legs overextends muscles in the legs, which can result in hip/back pain.
  2. When sitting, do you lean over a desk?  Another no-no.  This shortens the abdominal muscles and can cause back problems.
  3. Do you do a lot of lifting?  If so, do you lift with your legs?  Proper lifting is done with the knees bent, so that the strain is taken off the back.
  4. Do you drive a lot?  If so, get out and walk every hour or so.  This will help to keep the core of your body from tightening up, which is another cause of back issues.

None of the above? That's okay, because this is probably the most valuable lower back treatment ever:

How do you sleep?

  1. On your stomach?  BIG NO-NO!!!  Sleeping on your stomach is horrible for your back.  Nobody should ever sleep on their stomach!
  2. On your back?  Not a great idea.  It's too easy to cock your leg to the side.  If you MUST sleep on your back, place a pillow under your knees to support the back and to help keep from cocking your leg to the side.
  3. On your side? you sleep in the fetal position?  That could cause problems, so try to straighten your legs a little.  Do you keep a pillow between your knees?  The pillow is essential for more reasons than just the back pain.

Your sleeping posture is probably the single most important thing you can address for all types of pain.

If you still have problems after adjusting your sleeping habits, you might benefit from this home remedy for back pain.

Alternative Pain Relief Remedies for
Neck and Shoulder

The biggest causes of neck and shoulder pain?  Stress and posture!  When we get under stress, our shoulders tend to get so tight that they feel like they're almost in our ears. 

Stretches for Neck and Shoulder

  1. Look over your shoulder, turning your head as far as you can.  Hold for 7 seconds.  Do this 3 times, then repeat on the other side.
  2. Try to touch your ear to your shoulder.  Hold for 7 seconds.  do 3 times, then switch sides.
  3. Tuck your chin.  Look straight ahead while you do this.  You want to make yourself a "double chin".  Hold for 10 seconds.  Do 3 times.
  4. Take 3 deep breaths.

For more about neck pain relief, click here.

It can all start in the feet.  After all, they bear the brunt of our abuse.  We stand on them, sit on them, run, walk and jump on them. 

Plus, we don't wear proper shoes.

Plantar fascia pain is commonly found in women who wear high heels.  Wearing these heels can cause not only foot pain, but aching all the way up the body.

And... Guess What?

Yep, that sleeping posture thing, again! 

Sleeping on your back or stomach can shorten your calf muscles and your plantar fascia ligament. 

This is why you have that excruciating ache when your feet hit the floor in the morning.

Once again, side lying is the best way to sleep.

Read more on treating plantar fasciitis with home remedies.

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