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Lavender Oil

Ready for a medicine cabinet"do over"? 

These incredible uses for lavender oil will have you chomping at the bit to get started!

Need a tranquilizer?  Try a drop of lavender.

Need to clear the brain fog and get a little energy?  Try several drops of lavender.

Even better...If you're headed into a stressful situation with people who aren't real happy, you can put a few drops of lavender to the ends of your hair, back of your hands or anywhere else that people tend to get close to.  This will help calm the nerves of everyone you get close to!

Isn't this simple?

Insect Bites and Stings

Did you know that a drop of lavender will help kill the itch or sting?  Just one drop as needed and you'll find that it heals much faster than if you were to use medicine.

Fever Blisters, Cold Sores, Dry Skin, Infected Skin

Add a little lavender to your lip balm or moisturizer and use it on the blister.  This also works well on rashes, infected skin or dry skin.

You can also add a drop to olive oil and use this.

Mmmm...A Lavender Bath...

This is going to totally relax those tensed up muscles.  It also stabilizes moods and warms the heart.  One of my favorite uses for lavender oil...

  1. Add 6 drops of lavender essential oil to 1/2 cup Epsom Salts. 
  2. Mix up and toss in the tub. 
  3. Then fill the tub with that lovely hot water.
  4. Sink down and feel yourself melt away...

Easy Pink Eye Remedy

Simply put a drop of lavender on the eyelash.  Don't put it directly in the eye, because it will sting.  It's going to sting anyway when you blink, but it will only last for a few minutes.  Lavender is such a great anti-inflammatory, that it won't take long before the pink eye is history.

Itchy/Allergy Eyes

Apply just above the brow bone and down the center of the nose 2-3 times daily.

Burn Remedy

 This is where Lavender's claim to fame originated.  French scientist, Rene' Gattefosse burned his hand badly during a laboratory experiment.  Fortunately, he had been experimenting with the uses of lavender oil and had a vat of it nearby, so he put his hand in it.  This was the beginning of something great.

Apply lavender immediately to the burn.  You can even put lavender in cold water and soak the burn in it.  The pain should ease quickly.  If you have Peppermint Oil, you should apply Lavender, then follow with Peppermint.  Lavender is going to heal and Peppermint is going to keep the burn cool. 

Tip:  Keep lavender and peppermint in a small spray bottle of water for emergencies.

NOTE:  For 3rd degree burns, contact medical personnel.


Tension type headaches-Apply to temples and/or forehead.
Cluster Headache-Apply to bones behind the ear and to triangle at the base of the skull.

Incredible Uses For
Lavender Oil!

  • Blisters
  • Boils
  • Concentration
  • Convulsions
  • Crying
  • Duts
  • Dandruff
  • Depression
  • Diabetic Sores
  • Diaper Rash
  • Diuretic
  • Exhaustion
  • Fever
  • Gas
  • Hair Problems (Dry, Fragile, Loss)
  • Hay Fever
  • Herpes Simplex
  • Hyperactivity
  • Impetigo
  • Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • Itching
  • Jet Lag
  • Dry Lips
  • Mastitis
  • Menopause
  • Mental Stress
  • Mood Swings
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Pain
  • Poison Ivy / Oak
  • Rashes
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Sedative
  • Skin (Dry / Sensitive)
  • Sleep
  • Stretch Marks
  • Sunburn
  • Teeth Grinding
  • Teething Pain
  • Thrush
  • Vertigo
  • Wounds
  • Wrinkles

Add this amazing essential oil to your medicine cabinet!

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