Relieve Inner Ear Pain
And Other TMJ Symptoms

Over 10 million Americans suffer with inner ear pain that is directly related to TMJ symptoms.  Stop being one of them.

For 15 years, I've helped people get their lives back from TMJD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder).  I have a secret...

Usually, people come to see me after they've already been to a medical doctor or a dentist.  Why?  Usually it's because the treatment they were given didn't work.

I've seen everything from the classic ear and jaw pain to excruciating face pain that has led to a life of depression.Some of the more severe symptoms include the inability to swallow properly and lock jaw.  Both of these can send someone directly into a panic attack.

Anxiety levels tend to stay at their peak for people with temporomandibular joint disorder.  Doctors get frustrated because conventional methods don't work, so antidepressants are prescribed.  Not good.

Why do my clients get TMJ relief?

I spend a lot of time doing research.  When conventional treatments for health problems don't work, there's got to be something lying underneath...

I work with soft tissue in the body.  It has this amazing ability to get restricted in one place and cause a major problem in another area.  This is why people can suffer from inner ear pain, when it's actually a problem with their jaw muscles.

The connective tissue that wraps around the jaw intertwines with other bones and muscles.  The pressure from the tightness of the jaw can cause someone to suffer from an excruciating ear ache.

My Secret?

My secret to relieving tmj pain isn't something that's going to work overnight.  In fact, things can get a little worse before they get better.  That's just the nature of the beast when you're trying to put the body back like it should be.

I've found a few areas on the body where soft tissue is restricted, that doctors and dentists would never dream of looking.  When this tissue is addressed, bones are allowed to move back into their normal position. 

I've been rewarded over and over again by seeing the delight in my clients faces when they get relief from their inner ear pain, headaches, jaw pain, etc...

Outrageous TMJ Costs

These are average costs for TMJ care at a dentist's office in Louisiana.

  • TMJ Consult:  $69
  • Full mouth X-ray: $96
  • Splint: $776
  • Botox to the temporalis muscle:  $15/unit  2.2 units per side.  Average total of botox injections: 20 units @ $15/unit=$300
  • Total for botox:  $1221.00
  • **And this is just to get started.
  • Prices vary depending on where your dentist is located.  It seems that Louisiana is one of the less expensive areas.  Some costs for TMJ range from $1000 to $12,000!

The sad thing about this?
#1: Insurance companies don't like to pay. 
#2: These things rarely give anyone relief.

TIP: Instead of paying mega bucks for a mouth guard, some of my clients simply buy a football mouthpiece for a few bucks, boil it and form it to their comfort level. 

CHA CHING!  Mega money saver!

NOTE:  This is for a mouth guard that keeps you from grinding your teeth.  A splint is different.  I actually helps the jaw to reposition.

In this book, you'll be shown step by step how to treat your own tmj symptoms.

I'll show you the tool that I use, which isn't very expensive, or I'll give you some alternatives to use.  Things that you have lying around your house.

I'll also give you some tips on things to do between treatments, that will help give you even more relief.

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