Restless Leg Syndrome Remedies

You can stop looking for Restless Leg Syndrome remedies.  This one works in minutes!

What is RLS?

This is a neurological condition that causes a person to suffer from discomfort when they relax.  They can suffer from shaking leg, jerking or twitching legs, cramping or just an annoying need to stretch.

The symptoms can get so severe that some people have to get up and walk during the night. This, in turn, leads to a major sleeping problem. 

Causes of Restless Leg Syndrome

Nobody has pin-pointed a definite cause, but people who suffer from RLS tend to be deficient in iron. Sometimes, having your iron tested, then adding a good supplement is all it takes to solve your problem.

During my years in the clinic, I saw tons of fibromyalgia patients who suffered with it.  A lot of them claimed that their mothers suffered from the same thing, so it's possible that there's a genetic factor.  This isn't surprising, because when a deficiency is present, it usually is passed down through generations in families.

Then, there were those who had a fall before the onset.  A lot of my patients had been thrown from horses or fallen while skating when they were younger.  The ones that landed on their tailbones developed problems.  This indicates that scar tissue formed in the core of the body from the fall.  This tissue could possibly compress nerves that cause rls.

For years I used a massage technique successfully as a restless leg syndrome treatment. Then I found something that worked almost instantly.

AromaTouch.  This is an essential oil blend that consists of essential oils that tame muscle tension.  A few drops of this amazing oil settles the legs down in minutes.

Not only is it a fantastic RLS treatment, it kills leg cramps at night.

Simply rub 2 drops to the bottom of the feet and up the legs.  AromaTouch can be added to Fractionated Coconut Oil or olive oil to use as a massage oil.

What others say about restless leg syndrome remedies:

"AromaTouch did it for me... cured my restless legs and took me off of 2 ibuprofen 800s nightly."  

"I, too, use AromaTouch and it does an incredible job when I am having an episode of RLS.  I just rub it on my legs and within moments, it stops.  It is awesome!" 

"My husband has RLS so at night once he is in bed I rub his legs with AromaTouch it has made a big difference in how well he sleeps.  The other night we were late getting to bed so no rub down, he had a restless night and the next morning all he could do is complain."  ReNay

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