Essential Oils Diffuser Review

This will save you time and money, plus supply you with a wonderful way to practice home remedies.

In our home, we use an essential oils diffuser for just about every home remedy. 

It's so easy and effective.  The oils are absorbed through the skin and inhaled at the same time.  Using a diffuser is one of the most effective forms of self care and home remedies.

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Why diffuse?  Why not!!!

There are a zillion uses for essential oils.  The way to make sure you're getting the best benefits and bang for your buck is to use an essential oils diffuser.

We use oils for a variety of reasons on a daily basis.  Sinus problems, moods, energy levels and sleep remedies...just to name a few.

Every night, I diffuse Breathe in my 4-year-old grandson's room before he goes to bed.  This enables him to sleep without being stopped-up from allergy problems.

DoTerra Breathe

This proprietary blend consists of Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Lemon, Ravensara, and Cardamom essential oils, all known for their positive effects on the respiratory system.   

Breathe can be diffused at nighttime to calm the senses and promote sleep.

To order, click on the image or the link below the image.

For's Lavender in my diffuser!  I used to have a lot of trouble going to sleep.  Once I would get to sleep, I would still wake up and have trouble getting back to sleep again.  Lavender became my favorite of natural sleep remedies.

I still might have a problem when the barometric pressure changes or a full moon is out.  Yes, these things truly affect people.  The pressure and the moon can increase or change pain, cause depression and  insomnia.

In the mornings, I diffuse essential oils for different reasons.  In the cold and flu season, it's On Guard with something citrus.

When I have trouble getting motivated, it's Peppermint and Wild Orange....yum...

On days that things just don't seem right, and I'm a little crabby,
Balance goes in.   In just a little family likes me again.

I can always find a reason to diffuse essential oils!

Now for the "Diffuser Reviews"

I used several different types of essential oils diffusers before I found the perfect one.

Essential Oils Diffuser #1

First, were these little candle heated ones.  Simply put some water in the top container, add some oil, then light the candle. 

It smelled good, but the heat can kill the healing properties of essential oils. 

These are good if you're just after a little mood setting and a pleasant smell.  Not good if you're using oils for home remedies.

Next:  The Spa Vapor


I used it 2 times, then it quit working.  Period.  Never diffused again.

However, the LED light worked for a few weeks, so I used it as a night light for my 4 year old.  Now, it's in the trash.

Then came the Lotus

The Lotus is a fantastic diffuser.  My only problem was the LED light.  It doesn't have an On/Off switch, so the light stays on whenever it's running.

This was a problem for me at night, so I gave it to my son, who promptly put a piece of duct tape over the LED light and fixed that problem.

Why didn't I think of that...

Finally:  The Whisper


It's everything I wanted!  It diffuses like a dream.  My family loves to sit in front of it and let the mist blow right in their faces.

It has an LED light that can be turned off.

The best part?  No cleanup with vinegar every week!  It has 2
compartments for water.  One is a plastic cup that water and the oils go in.  The other is in the base of the diffuser and water is put there to make the vibration to diffuse.

If you're looking for the best bang for your buck to diffuse essential oils, this is it.

I simply cannot say enough good things about this one!

The Whisper premium diffuser is a state-of-the-art system that uses water and ultrasonic vibration (2.5 million vibrations per second) to break essential oils into tiny microparticles, dispersing the oil in a fine mist.

These tiny particles are more easily absorbed by the lungs for a greater therapeutic effect on the body, mind, and spirit.

The Whisper diffuser uses a revolutionary, patented technology that makes it possible to diffuse even the thickest essential oils (such as Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang) that won't work in many other diffusers.

Whisper Diffuser

Whisper Premium Silent Misting Diffuser (White)

Please note: This diffuser requires water to be added in TWO locations: in the base and in the oil cup. Do not use distilled water.

This diffuser uses no heat, which is important because too much heat can chemically alter essential oils and lessen their therapeutic benefits.
Coverage: Up to 1,000 square feet.
An automatic shut-off feature activates when the water in the base reaches the minimum level, preventing damage to the internal mechanisms. This is truly a worry-free product!
Dimensions: 8" tall x 3½" wide x 3½" deep.

To order a Whisper Diffuser, click on the link below the photo.

Essential oils are a great way to provide self care for you and your family.  This means fewer sick days, fewer doctor visits and more money in your pocket.

DoTerra Starter Kit

Get started exploring the health and well-being benefits of high-quality essential oils with the convenient DoTerra Starter Kit.

The Introduction to Essential Oils Kit includes three 5 ml bottles, one each of doTERRA's Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint essential oils.

To order, click on the image or the link below the image.

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