Headaches In Children

Watching Them Suffer Hurts You, Too

Tension-type headaches and migraine headaches in children are becoming more common every day.  This really isn't a surprise, since they're exposed to a lot of the stresses that their parents have.

With the divorce rate and the jobless rate, families seem to suffer more every day.  It's hard to always be able to keep the family problems away from the children.

There's also a lot of stress on a child in school.  Not just to maintain good grades, but all kids want to be in the popular group.  When this doesn't happen, it can add to a child's anxiety, which in turn, can cause even the worst migraines in children.

Before attempting any home remedies for migraines, a doctor needs to rule out anything that may be threatening. 

After easing your mind, using natural remedies for migraine headaches in children is a fantastic, safe way to get relief.

Home Remedies for Migraines in Children

Hot foot soak.   A super simple way to ease migraines in children.

This is done by simply having your child sit on the side of the bathtub.  Run warm water until it covers their ankles.  This will make the blood vessels dilate, so blood will leave the head and travel toward the feet.

Next, put a cold pack on the back of the neck.  This helps to push the blood out of the head and downward.

Do this for about 20 minutes.  Then, have your child lie down in a dark room for 20-30 minutes with a cool cloth over their eyes.

Occipital Headaches in Children

An occipital headache starts at the base of the skull, go up the back of the head, over the top and to the forehead.  These can be caused by looking down too much.

Children look down at their paperwork during school for a long time.  When reading or doing math problems, their heads stay down and the muscles in the front of the neck get shortened.

When they look up, the connective tissue pulls, causing the headache.

Massage Remedy for Occipital Headaches in Children

  • Massage under the collar bone.  You need to gently feel the soft tissue between the bones.  Start with the collar bone, then move under the next bone and feel in there.
  • You should find some tender points.  Don't massage too hard or it will make your child too uncomfortable.
  • Start on the shoulder end of the collarbone and work toward the breastbone.  Stop when you find tender spots.
  • This will have to be done with fingertips or a pencil eraser. 
  • Tell your child that it may be uncomfortable, but it won't last long and their headache will be better.
  • Using an essential oil (Frankincense, or any aroma your child likes) on these areas will enhance the treatment.  Eventually, your child can just apply the oil to the affected areas and self-massage for relief.

Training your child to do this on their own will make everybody's life a little easier.  Your child won't have to depend on you to administer the oils.  You won't have to worry about your child taking too much medicine on their own.  Win-Win!

Using Essential Oils for Migraine Headaches in Children

Essential oils can basically replace any over the counter or prescription medication. The best thing about them?  They're safe and effective.  Much more effective on migraines than medication.

The oils come from flowers, stems, leaves, bark, roots and other parts of plants.  They've been proven more effective than medications, because of their purity and strength.

For Stubborn Migraines in Children

Frankincense is an amazing oil, and good for everything.  In fact, it's said that "when in doubt, use Frankincense".

Rub 1 drop of Frankincense to the temples and 1 drop to the very top of the head.  It's very effective to put it on the roof of the mouth and let it absorb into the head that way. 

BEWARE:  Your child probably isn't going to like the taste, but it's very effective.

If no relief, repeat these oil processes every 15 minutes.  Essential oils work better if you use tiny amounts (2-3 drops), but do it frequently (every 15-20 minutes) until the headache is gone.

Tension-Type Headache Remedy:

This type of headache is going to usually start in the shoulders and go up the neck and into the head.  Sometimes, it can just be tight shoulders or a tight neck.

These headaches in children are common.  Thankfully, it doesn't take long to get relief from these.

A Quick, Temporary Remedy:

  • Have your child shrug their shoulders, bringing them as close to their ears as they can.  For young children, you'll probably have to make a game out of this.
  • Have them hold their shoulders there for about 20 seconds.
  • Slowly relax the shoulders. 
  • Take a deep breath, then repeat 2 more times.
  • Teaching your child this easy exercise can be beneficial throughout their lives.

Tension-Type Headache Remedy #2

  • Start with moist heat on their upper back for 3 minutes.
  • Remove and apply a cold pack for 2 minute.
  • Repeat for a total of 3 rounds.
  • Afterwards, massage the neck, shoulders and head.

Tension-Type Headache Remedy #3

Using essential oils for natural headache remedies is simple, effective and safe for your child.

Since there's no medicine in this, they can even put it in their pocket and take it to school.

Children tend to have sensitive skin, so diluting your single oils in a few drops of olive or coconut oil will keep the skin from being irritated.

Be careful, though and don't let your child get it in their eyes.  If they do, just put a dab of coconut oil, olive oil or any vegetable based oil and put inside the lower eyelid. 

DO NOT USE WATER!!!  Water and oil don't mix, so the oil will just spread all over the eye.

Your child may feel the coolness of the oils in their eyes, but it shouldn't burn and will only last for a few minutes.  Remember, these oils are safe.

Essential oils commonly used for headaches

  • Peppermint
  • Frankincense
  • Rosemary
  • Citrus

Simply apply 2 drops to the back of the neck, shoulders, temples and forehead. 

Remember not to get the oils in the eyes!

Afterwards, let the child lie down with a cool cloth over the eyes for 20-30 minutes, if needed.

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