Migraine Headache Remedies

Migraine headache remedies can be as simple as putting your feet in water.

Migraines are caused by enlarged blood vessels in the head.  The nerves that surround the brain become compressed and release chemicals which cause inflammation, pain and even more swelling of the vessels.  The more the vessels swell, the worse the pain gets.

Symptoms of migraines:

  • Light sensitivity
  • Tingling
  • Seeing an aura
  • Blurred or incomplete vision
  • Seeing yellow spots
  • Nausea

What causes migraines?

  • Stress
  • Hormones
  • Chocolate
  • Fasting/Dieting
  • Foods with MSG
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Dehydration
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Bright lights
  • Caffeine

The digestive system is also affected by the pain.  This makes it difficult for migraine medications to be absorbed into the system. For many, natural migraine relief is the only answer.

Migraine headache remedies with household items

Since migraines are caused by swelling in the blood vessels, it only makes sense to reverse that, right? 

Heat causes vasodilation, which is simply dilation of the blood vessels.
Cold causes vasoconstriction, which is constriction of the blood vessels.

Migraine headache remedy #1

Hot foot bath with ice pack to neck:

For a migraine, we want to pull the blood out of the head to make the vessels shrink.  Putting your feet in a hot footbath will open the vessels in your feet.  This, in turn, draws the blood from your head and sends it to your feet.  The water temperature should be 110 degrees.

Placing an icebag on the forehead, temples or back of the neck will help to push this blood out.  The coldness of the ice pack will make the vessels constrict. Some people like to have a cold compress on the top of their head, also.

CAUTION:  Don't put the ice directly on the skin.  Always have a cloth between your skin and the ice to prevent damage to your tissues.

Do this for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, run cold water over the feet, dry them off and go lie down for at least another 20 minutes.

Repeat if necessary.

Migraine headache remedy #2

Hot half bath:

Simply fill the bathtub with water up to your waist.  Water should be 104 degrees.  Have a shirt on or a towel over your upper body to keep you from getting chilled.

This also helps to draw the blood from the head.

Soak for 15 minutes.  Dry off quickly and vigorously.  Lay in dark room until you feel like getting up.

These techniques also work for an occular migraine.  These are migraines that have no pain, but vision is affected.

Symptoms of migraines with visual problems

  • Bright zigzag patterns
  • Incomplete objects (ex: looking at someone and not seeing their face, but seeing their body)
  • Vivid flashes of light
  • Yellow spots

Feverfew migraine relief

I have a friend that swears by the feverfew plant. 

She simply takes a leaf from the plant and places it on a cracker that has a little butter on it.

A few minutes later...VOILA!  Migraine gone!

Essential oils are extremely effective in treating migraines of all types.  They're very handy to keep on your person, plus they work almost immediately.

Some oils work better than others for some people, so we have a few different suggestions for you.  Keep in mind that getting the oils to the affected area at the onset of your migraine is going to give you the best shot at getting rid of it.

These oils can be applied every 15 minutes to 2 hours.  It's important to keep applying until the pain is gone.  Sleep if possible.

Easiest migraine headache remedy

  • 1-2 drops of PastTense  on the forehead.
  • Continue to apply PastTense over the crown of the head, through the hair and to the neck and shoulders.
  • Gently massage into these areas.

These remedies are done with essential oils.  We only recommend Doterra Oils, because of their high quality.

Oils of lesser quality can cause side effects.  Doterra Oils are always safe.

2nd easiest migraine remedy

  • 1-2 drops of Frankincense on your finger and rub on the roof of your mouth. This will help with the inflammation.
  • PastTense on the back of the neck and the base of the skull.
  • 1-2 drops of Deep Blue on the temples, forehead, neck and shoulders.
  • 1-2 drops DigestZen if nauseous.

Cluster Migraines

Cluster headaches are types of migraines that have pain so severe that it can cause loss of function.  The pain is most often on one side of the head and behind the eye.  These usually occur at night while sleeping.

They are "clustered" into attacks that happen 3 to 4 times during the day.  These attacks can go on for weeks or months, then just go away with no explanation.

Use the protocols above for relief of these types of headaches.

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